Hisab Accounting Software Features

Your complete online accounting solutions

  • Free 30 days Accounting

    We offer you 30 days free use of our software. There will be no setup cost, no hidden charges, and no limitations. We will let our client use it for free because we are sure that they will come back.

  • Online Accounting System

    Everything in your software needs to be accessed from anywhere anytime. Hisab Software let you see and manage your financials online anytime anywhere on any device.

  • Customer Management System

    You can create unlimited customer and send invoices to them. From the login panel, your customer can access the client portal. You can edit, add or remove the customers.

  • Easy Invoice Management

    Sending invoice and receiving payments is a big hazard nowadays. Hisab Software allows you to send professional invoices to clients and accept the payments online. There will be no commission or transaction fee included.

  • Easy Deposit System

    You can easily choose where to deposit and how much to deposit through our simple deposit system. That will help you to keep your account safe.

  • Smooth Transfer System

    Transferring between accounts need to be very secure. Our software makes the secure room for you to keep your bank account active and ensure a secure transaction.

  • Unlimited Vendor Management

    You can add unlimited vendors in your accounting software. You can assign bills and payments to the vendors and later on, you can filter their transactions.

  • Unlimited Billable Expenses

    Managing and maintaining bills is a challenging thing to do. To keep your finances accurate, our billing system paves you to create and manage unlimited billing expenses. This will keep you updated with your expenses.

  • Discrete Payment System

    Payment handling is a very important job to do. Hisab Software lets you to add non-billable expenses as payments in order to keep your bank/cash account balances up-to-date.

  • Inventory Management System

    A good maintenance of inventory often refer to the betterment of your business. Hisab Software enables inventory tracking and managing goods as they come in and go out. Your items can also help to speed up invoicing.

  • Unlimited Bank Account

    If you are a Group of companies, you may have to deal with multiple bank accounts. Hisab Software enables you to create unlimited bank and cash accounts. You can also track their opening and current balances.

  • Multiple Currency Solution

    For business purposes you may have to deal with international companies. And for that you need multi-currency system in your software. Hisab Software will help you to send invoices and add expenses in any currency and let the system convert them in your main currency.

  • Multiple Company Management

    For Group of companies, it is very difficult to manage multiple companies. But Hisab Software will provide you the functionality to manage the finances of multiple companies from one admin panel. It will also assign users to different companies.

  • Dynamic Report Generation

    Being an accountant, the most important job is to generate reports. But Hisab Software will make that difficult job easy for you. You will get detailed financial reports to help you better visualize all the information you need to improve your business.

  • Client Portal Management

    Your clients are your priority. Hisab Software enables you to manage your client portal proficiently. You can share transactions and invoices with your clients and accept bulk payments online.

  • Automatic Recurring

    Hisab Software will make your finance works easier. This will automatically create invoices, revenues, bills, and payments for ongoing jobs.

  • Unlimited Discount Offerings

    To make your services more attractive and improve sales, offering discount is a great idea. You can now encourage your customers with your loyal work and by giving them a discount from the usual cost.

  • Customer Summary Generation

    Tracking and managing your customer is a important thing to do. With Hisab Software you can manage this easily. You can see the customer profile, address, list of transactions, and paid, open, and overdue totals at a glance.

  • Unlimited Attachments

    While running a business, you may need to attach files. Hisab Software makes that job easy and you can now attach your business files and receipts to invoices, expenses, payments for original evidence.

  • Unlimited Transaction Categories

    Making categories for your individual service and products, will make your job simple. Hisab Software will create categories for incomes, expenses, and items. This will let you to see the flow of your business at a glance.

  • Multiple Tax Rates

    Applying taxes can be a hazardous job. With our Hisab Software you can setup different names for each tax, and link specific taxes to specific products or transactions to save you time.

  • Multilingual Control Panel

    If you are a multinational company or if you have foreign clients or partners, you may need to show the finances in their languages. Hisab Software will manage your finances in your language and switch between languages of your preferences easily, instantly.

  • User Permission

    Every role or user need to have some access defined for security and feasibility. In Hisab Software you can configure permissions on a Role level to protect and simplify their management experience.

  • Double Entry

    Double entry is a advanced feature which will make your accounting job more feasible. Double entry consists following features: Account Charts, Journal Entry, General Ledger, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Liability Chart.

  • Income Management

    You need to manage your income statement because according to that you business strategy will move toward. Hisab Software will manage your income and automatically generate reports based on your data for your feasible management.

  • Revenue Sheet Generation

    Hisab Software will generate monthly or yearly or custom revenue sheet automatically. You can easily see your account status and make decisions accordingly.

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