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Clients usually known as the customer is vital for every business and when it comes to accounting it is very important to manage client information properly to send an invoice and collect payment in a timely manner to run your business smoothly.

All business customers are different and our software too!

You can easily add, edit and delete your customer or disable them when necessary from easy to use accounting dashboard.


Every business is different, so your customer too. Our accounting software let you add any types of data you want for your customer.

Customize customer data

Manage unlimited customer

Customer login portal

  • Add any types of information during adding customer
  • Export customer information to xlsx file
  • Import customer into system from excel file
  • Search customer using name or email
  • Sort customer using Name, Email, Phone number or with the payment status to find the right contact easily
  • Allow login features (customer portal) for your customer
  • Many more …

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